The quote that entitles this post isn’t inspired by any famous artist whatsoever. It’s a casual neon sign created by who knows which anonymous burgeoning artist, but highlights two crucial concepts for an individual that tries to approach the art: the former tells that everyone can light the way and give an alternative glance on the art world – and the latter – every artistic tendency, even of the past, was contemporary in its days.

NOFRAME’s idea was conceived by three friends: an artist, a spirited law student and an art enthusiast. Our primary goal is to give a different look on art to the reader. Not a look of a critic, not a look of a columnist, a look of three passionate young men. And maybe, for that reason, possibly unique.
To better clarify the concept of “contemporary art over the centuries”, let’s take Italy as an example.

Every masterpiece, every genius, every artistic technique was, in its times, contemporary. Giotto, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and the other geniuses of Italian art created, brick by brick, the foundation of what nowadays we call “the cradle of worldwide art”. And every one of them started as an innovator.

The current contemporary art finds itself in the same situation. The context may be different, because there isn’t a predominant tendency, and the artistic works are easily accessible, but who doubts it should look behind his back. Not contemplating the past means not wanting a future.