Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein was born in Paris in 1960, during the era of British rock, cinema and American pop. His family introduced him to the value of art, which made a strong impression on his childhood and later fed the development of his own artistic language. He received his passion for cinema from his mother and accredits his father for his inventive spirit as well as his introduction to the techniques of kinetic art through inventive films made with a Super 8 camera.

Rubinstein was only 18 years old when he sold his first artworks; this laid out the foundation of his practice: the superimposition of images set in motion by optical illusions. It was not, however, until many years later that the artist perfected his technique and quintessential style to become one of the most popular contemporary artists of his time.

Rubinstein’s works highlight the major icons and celebrities of the second half of the twentieth century. This colourful Pop universe of the 60’s is revisited with the added black and white glamour of the 50’s, in artworks that are infused with the anarchic madness of 80’s street art that continues to shake the foundations of Modern art. Rubinstein invites us to immerse ourselves in these memories and rediscover this nostalgia through today’s standards.

In line with Op Art, Rubinstein’s art in movement goes beyond this category to embrace the techniques of kinetic art. The result is striking: the image, fixed at fist, comes to life according to the movements of the viewer. We become the animator vis-à-vis the unprecedented dynamics of his work, that surprise us with every viewing.

Drawing from themes both past and present, from Surrealism to Pop art, as well as a range in media from photography to sculpture, Rubinstein’s work confronts these distant worlds and brings them in to harmony. His compositions offer us a melody that is both futuristic and avant- garde with works that are situated at the crossroads of Optical, Pop and Street Art.