D3 meets Sconci Art Gallery

D3 meets Sconci Art Gallery

This week we were delighted to have an opportunity to meet with Dr Lorenzo Sconci, the Managing Director of d3’s first art gallery, Sconci Art Gallery.

Sconci Art Gallery is an Italian, home-grown business that has been passed down from Father to Son and upon meeting Lorenzo, its clear to see that a passion for art is in the family blood. The first thing that struck us as about this art gallery is the way that Lorenzo himself has designed the interior: vast whitewashed walls and high ceilings, exposed pipe works and beautiful dark grey graphite floor tiles, which give the art gallery a clean and industrial aesthetic – functional and bare – a clean canvass. Lorenzo commented on the thinking behind his design choices, saying that, “I was given the ability here at d3 to take a space and do whatever I wanted with it – to fit it out in any shape, size or colour. I decided to create a space that is bare and minimalistic because, I felt that we needed to create a space where the art can speak for itself.”

Many art galleries in Dubai keep small collections, typically seven to ten pieces. Sconci Art Gallery currently has a wildly eclectic collection of 53 pieces of art. By the door hangs a signed Andy Warhol print retrospective.
To the right is one of the most important works in modern Italian art history, I am infantile from the Father of Italian Pop Art, Mario Schifano. These hugely important pieces sit side by side paintings from some of history‘s most important Middle Eastern artists such as Madi Hussein and Fateh Moudarres. Complementing these are pieces from early 20th century futurism painters (Roberto Marcello Baldessari / Pippo Rizzo), 16th century Milanese furniture and contemporary sculptures.

Speaking to Lorenzo, it quickly becomes clear that he’s a man who is in love with art – so why leave Italy and set up an art gallery at d3, thousands of miles from where his collection originated? He tells us that he sees enormous potential for art in the Middle East – a growing appreciation for great art and artists; a cultural shift that he finds fascinating. “It is a place where dreams become reality; there is so much potential in this region.
Art is unquestionably a growing market and being here at d3 is unique – it is the only place in the world where Arab culture meets western and international cultures head-on. This makes Dubai – and d3 – very exciting. And in d3, the opportunity to be at the centre of the design world. This is why it was so important for me to be here.”
“I also really believe in the concept of being in a dedicated design environment, which is essentially the heart of the design world in the Middle East. This is a place for luxury goods, art, fashion, interiors and great creative minds. This place has enormous potential and we wanted to be here right from the start.”
Sconci Art Gallery is open for business now, on the 1st floor of building 8 – pop in and take a look!