The art gallery has always been a physical space of free sharing. Art of every shape and medium stimulates and satiates the visitors’ souls. It is a space which accommodates the expert and the novice, because it has this capability: it offers emotions to every individual, without any reserve or limitation whatsoever.

NOFRAME tells about a gallery which, being born in Italy, has begun to live into an environment that – from an artistic point of view – is the symbol of a meeting between two cultures which have created a new attitude of living and conceiving art. Fashion, interiors, lifestyle, design, Dubai: all of this revolves around the gallery and Dubai is a sort of primordial ooze.

The intention is to emerge from the boundaries of the gallery, a gallery without walls, a painting without a frame, to let breathe the true spirit of the artist, of the art per se and what outlines it.

The gallery is that painting where, frame taken off, the color can expand into the souls of the people. NOFRAME wants to touch everyone’s heart, passing to them the essence of an environment which lets you live art in every manifestation. Wants to eliminate every frame so that the oils, the temperas and the watercolors manage to color the emotions of every reader, even the furthest one.

Imagine a city without barriers, without obstacles, without boundaries. The city speaks, is alive, breathes, lives within nature, lives through people, lives of what people do.
Anything that springs emotions can touch the soul of who strive to know, listen and see.

Like a frameless painting…