Aldo Fuscagni

Aldo Fuscagni is an artist who has devoted his life to research. Born in Citta' di Castello in the province of Perugia in 1930 he attended the atelier of his great and famous maestro Alberto Burri. There he learned experimentation and research, receiving teachings that would later result very important for his artistic and cultural learning and to achieve success and notoriety. Experimentation is the central activity of this artist who has devoted his life to the search for new materials to use, to manipulate, to assemble, using mostly metal, sponge, rope, wood, paper and cork. These materials are then painted with natural colors, made by the artist himself with the land and plants . Aldo Fuscagni never painted or created a work to please the audience or on commission, but only when he felt the inner need to create something new, when he was overwhelmed by emotions that he immediately wanted to transfer on his palette. His most recent works have been inspired by the beautiful emotions which caused him to have become a great-grandfather and all his joy shines through these works Oil paintings, collages and mixed media are now all full of light and harmony, with an explosion of colors that are a hymn to the life of an artist 85 years old. Many of his works are in prestigious italian and european collections.