Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt Moore was born in Los Angeles, California, 1951. He studied for two years at the University of California at Santa Cruz before transfering to Emerson College in Sussex, England. After one year of studying liberal arts he moved to Germany where he did a three year apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, realizing the title of "journeyman". Being fascinated by the European way of life he decided to not return to the United States and moved back to England where he worked as a toy maker for a year. Soon afterwards he transferred to Oslo, Norway, where he stayed for almost three years continuing with furniture making and sculpture in wood. He decided to make a big change coming to Italy in 1980 to try working with marble. In Carrara he became immersed with marble, and preferring the material for sculpture. However, more recently, he has done a number of new works with a mixture of materials. Since his first solo exhibition in Milano in 1983, Moore has had numerous shows in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. Presently, he resides outside Florence.