Fabrizio Gunnella

He 'was born in Italy in 1960. Since childhood he discovered a passion for painting and art. In fact his training in is soon directed to study art before attending art school and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In the ’80 Fabrizio Gunnella met the great maestro Ennio Morlotti (one of the most important representatives of the group of "Current" with Renato Guttuso, Ernesto Treccani, Renato Birolli and Bruno Cassinari) who gave great impetus to his research . Gifted in the pictorial technique, right from the first works, he showed all his great personality and a very special way of interpreting the characters and nature. In his works he uses all sorts of techniques even if the oil painting on canvas is his favorite. Great portrait painter, he made portraits for important political and religious leaders as well as persons of the show, science and culture including Luciano Pavarotti, Federico Fellini, Riccardo Muti, Maria Callas, Vittorio Gassman, Steve Jobs. The portrait of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, proposed for the Venice Biennale, and exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad has always generated great emotion among the audience and has received unanimous critical acclaim all over the world. From the beginning his career has been full of great successes and his exhibitions in Italy, in Europe and in many part of the world have always got great appreciations receiving great approvals At the beginning of the new millennium, his artistic evolution introduced him to abstract art: the shapes of his paintings began to lose precise and defined details of people and objects. The artist gave free rein to his imagination and, while remaining tied to the reality of things, he has created suggestive, fantastic, fascinating and intense works. His paintings are included in prestigious collections and the owners of these keep them jealously and are reluctant to loans in occasion of exhibition and retrospectives. This is also because, due to health reasons, the artistic production of Fabrizio Gunnella in the last period also decreased significantly and is becoming increasingly difficult to have the opportunity to find works of this artist available in the market.