Franco Ferrari

Franco Ferrari - born in Sondrio in 1929 - was a man who dedicated part of his life to what has been his passion: painting, although he achieved notoriety and fame thanks to its two other activities: reportage and writing. Indeed, he has had a long experience as a reporter of the news more 'famous in Italy (RAI, TG2), a reporter who told especially the world of desperationand wars (from 'Indochina to the Middle East, from Bangladesh to' Afghanistan, from Chad to Somalia, from the Gulf War to Croatia). As a writer has published works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and getting several important awards. In 1976 he began his artistic career which continued incessantly until his death in 2000. Personage well known to the public thanks to his television work, he has achieved an immediate success as a painter and his solo exhibitions in Italy (Rome, Naples, Milan, Bologna) and abroad (Chicago, Tokyo, London) have always enjoyed a great appreciation from critics and audience. His works are related to the great Italian tradition of abstract painting .Some have seen him as a painter who has found his origins in the experiences of the artists who were part of the "Group of Eight”, the group of painters who exhibited at the Venice Biennale of 1952, where the abstraction was full of echoes and references to nature through which they tried to give a concrete effect. Others considered him as the first of the new abstract artists after the trans-avant-garde.