Michela Zasio

Michela Zasio is an artist originally from northern Italy but she lives for many years in Rome where she has her studio to work. She is a paintress of great technical quality and provided with a great sensibility. Her artistic education has deep roots as well as her passion for painting. She made a full path: from the attendance of schools of painting to the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 1999 the meeting with the great Spanish maestro Pedro Cano is revealed to Michela Zasio a crucial moment that will influence very much her professional and artistic growth. With the maestro she began many cultural and working trips around the world. The commitment is high but the enthusiasm for the discovery of new and fascinating worlds does the artist create new works plenty of charm. The exhibitions that she made in the following years achieved great success of critics and audiences, whether they have as object the study of human body, nor the representation of cities and landscapes nor the study of the nature. At a splendid exhibition on the trunks of palm trees the most appropriate critical thinking was expressed by Pedro Cano. Among other things, he wrote: "... the palm used a thousand times throughout the history of painting, has not always been treated with dignity. Sometimes it has been relegated to holographic ornament in large Orientalist compositions and more recently they have been considered as part of banal decoration. Michela Zasio has established an intense relationship, especially with the trunk, she shows it in fragments, elevating it sometimes in granite columns and even parts of human bodies. The mellow colors that flood his oils, make live the palm trees in a rarefied atmosphere , to the edge of abstraction although her work arises from an acute observation of reality, but again, as happens in the Thousand and one Nights, the reality is starting to cross all boundaries. The production of works of Michela Zasio is very limited not only for the long time necessary for the realization of each painting but also because the artist enters her study only in the moments of high inspiration. Her works are in prestigious Italian and foreign collections.