Renata Boero

Renata Boero was born in Genova in 1936. She spent his childhood in Turin and then she moved to Switzerland to study humanistic subjects . When she returned to Genoa, she met Emilio Scanavino and started to attend art school. Her training with Scanavino made a notable contribution to the development of her artistic career. As Boero stated, “every work is a fragment of infinite one”, an idea that was supported by the poet and critic Jaques Lepage, who, following their acquaintance at the end of the 1960s, brought her into the cultural debate then underway relating to the concept of the “free canvas”. It was during the conservation of an old canvas with “herb juices” that she started to carry out research into the use of natural substances and, after reading Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, the symbolic aspects of colours.Her pigments, her natural alchemies, her colors are the result of a long research process and of a strong contact with the earth and with her roots.Colors and gestures emerge from the silence. This silence becomes earth, searching directly at the origins of the cosmos where images exist beyond form. Herbs, earths, colors, pigments are applied raw on the canvas, inserted into geometric shapes, escaping logic. In the roach matter, in the agglomerations of pigments, we can see the intensity of volumes and of the matter. Renata Boero is an artist who in her life has performed many works and has exhibited all over the world winning awards and unanimous appreciations. The art works of Renata Boero are highly sought by a qualified and refined audience and are located in major Italian and foreign collections In 1986 she was offered a post as a teacher of painting at the Brera Academy, so she decided to move to Milan permanently.