Sconci Art Gallery is coming to Dubai

Sconci Art Gallery is coming to Dubai

Sconci Art Gallery will be brimming with Andy Warhol-esque pieces perfectly placed next to up and coming local artists.

Sconci Art Gallery is famous in Rome. Period! Now Dr. Lorenzo Sconci the owner of the art gallery is bringing Italy’s illustrious artworks to the region, further confirming the burgeoning art scene here.

“Italy is famous all over the world for its history, culture and art, and we want our gallery to represent Italy and act as an important reference point for all the art lovers of the UAE as well as those from the rest of the world who live in this country,” said Lorenzo.

The gallery also hopes to become a platform for regional artists and in fact, they already have several works from local artists Fateh Moudarres and Madi Hussein. “Now, in the present day here in Dubai, enthusiasts can admire the beautiful works of Fateh Moudarres, Madi Hussein, Yehya Shafik, Abdullatif Al Smoudi, Amar Cheriet and Fathi Hassan. The works of these artists are part of our history and our lives and they’ll be presented with pride and love during this wonderful adventure we are going to begin here in Dubai,” Sconci commented.

Sconci Gallery opens on Monday 26th October, 2015 and it’s located on Level 1, Building 8, Dubai Design District.