Sconci, the first Italian art gallery to open at Dubai’s Design District

Sconci, the first Italian art gallery to open at Dubai’s Design District

Sconci Art Gallery, Dubai’s first Italian art gallery will open its doors at Dubai Design District (d3) on Monday 26th October. A reputed gallery from Rome, Sconci will hold its opening exhibition this month to celebrate the launch of the gallery’s Dubai space.


Sconci Art Gallery is a family business, established in 1977 in Rome by the founder and current artistic director Dr Stefano Sconci. The Dubai gallery is led by his son, general manager and owner, Lorenzo Sconci, who identified the exciting art market in the region and saw an opportunity to bring key Italian artworks to Dubai’s growing art scene.


For the opening this month, Sconci has brought some important pieces of Italian Contemporary art: Roberto Marcello Baldessari’s Speed on the Lake, Pippo Rizzo’ The Knife grinder, Andre’ Masson’s Metamorphose souterrain and Mario Schifano’s I’m Infantile.

Speaking of the gallery’s decision to expand outside of Italy, Sconci explained: “Italy is famous all over the world for its history, culture and art, and we want our gallery to represent Italy and act as an important reference point for all the art lovers of the UAE as well as those from the rest of the world who live in this country. We hope the gallery honours the strong cultural ties between Italy and the Arab region.” He continued; “the main goal we set for ourselves is to become an important reference point for collectors, enthusiasts and art lovers of Dubai, the UAE and all countries of the Gulf. We want to gain their respect and trust by providing a continuous, interesting, exciting and particularly new artistic proposal compared to those of other galleries in Dubai.”


The gallery will also provide a platform for local emerging artists and already heralds works by historic Arab artists in its collection. Pieces by Fateh Moudarres and Madi Hussein, two very important artists of the Arabic world, are to be exhibited alongside works by Andy Warhol and pieces from early 20th century futurism painters, Roberto Marcello Baldessari and Pippo Rizzo.

Sconci Gallery offers Modern and Contemporary Art that will appeal to collectors and art enthusiasts of all levels. The gallery organises historical exhibitions of paintings in Italy and if there is significant interest in ancient art in the region, the gallery can use this historic experience regionally to arrange similar shows.

As well as the collection of paintings, Sconci is showing 16th-century Milanese furniture and contemporary sculptures. This mix of mediums was one of the reasons for the gallery’s decision to open in Dubai Design District.