Juliana Del Burgo

Juliana Del Burgo

Juliana Del Burgo, artistically known as ‘Burgo’, was born in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal.

With ancestry that can be traced to almost all continents (Brasilian, Polish, Italian, Morrocan, Swiss, Egyptian, Mozambican, and Japanese), Burgo has a bold vision and is intent on making a difference.

Burgo studied art at the Fine Arts University in Lisbon and was also the apprentice of the well-known Russian classic artist, Vladimir Volegov for two years when she was just 16.

Burgo has lived in Lisbon, Florianopolis (Brasil), London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), all over India, Tel Aviv (Israel), exhibiting and selling to private collectors mainly throughout the world.

The six senses inspire her with an uplifting twist that characterizes her unique vision.

In 2017, after an horrific burn out after a successful professional career as an holistic therapist, Burgo’s desire to create art became an unyielding obligation to explore her creative consciousness’s inner mechanics. Every piece has a cosmic power, that is mystified by the Blooming Bear character, encouraging the viewer to discover it deep inside.