Natalia Ponton

Natalia Ponton


Natalia Ponton is a Colombian artist born in Bogotá. In Colombia she was awarded with the title of Master in Visual Arts at the Pontifical Xaverian University. She also specialized in Art Education at the National University of Colombia. She worked as a teacher focusing on methods related to art therapy in Bogotá, Frankfurt and Rome. In her painting, her vision rich of symbolic meaning reinterprets the nature, inspired by the so-called “Magic Realism” the literary movement of her compatriot Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The colours used are vibrant imbued with a strong expression of youth.

She has been defined the ‘artist of water ‘, for her evocative and poetic performances, always alive in public spaces and galleries. The artist took part in numerous exhibitions since 2003 in international galleries, such as Museo de Arte Contemporanea Bogotá, Mexico House of Culture in the State of California, Australia Urban Cow Studio, Adelaide, Germany Gallery Tigrel Frankfurt, Berlin Embassy Colombiana, Italy Museum of the Ancient People of Lucania, Vaglio, Orsini Gallery in Formello, Galleria La Pigna and Mater Loft Space Gallery, Rome.

Available works


Natalia Ponton, The painting that heals


Natalia Ponton, Summer in Rome