The main feature of SCONCI ART GALLERY is to offer a wide range of works of art from the seventeenth century to the present days.
Modern and contemporary art are the main branches of the gallery. The importance of the artists is world class and much attention is paid to the quality of the exhibits.
Each work is accompanied by an expertise or a certificate of authenticity which means it is legally registered in the archive of the artist.
It will be our pleasure to satisfy special requests from new clients.


Our task is to guide the customers in buying or investing in artworks indicating when and what to sell and buy, in connection with offers of the market at the moment.
We conduct this work through research and analysis of the art market. We update the customer on investments by evaluating the works of art of greatest interest based on
available databases, as we assist in the sale and represent him at auction.
Our consulting activity is not limited to the investment sector. We give great importance to the decoration of spaces, and we strive to include works of art in private
or public spaces trying to create a situation of pleasant coexistence and harmony among persons, elements of furniture and works of art.


With ours Showrooms: 1700 sqf. In order to make your events more exclusive our galleries has the perfect venue to suit your need. In a prestigious setting formed by paintings, sculptures and works of art, you can use the space according to your needs and your tastes. It will be very exciting to invite your guests in the elegant atmosphere created by the splendid works made by Italian and international masters exhibited on the walls of our galleries.
Surely this will make your event even more appreciated and successful.

  • DIFC Gallery – 1700 sqft.
  • d3 Gallery– 1000 sqft.


We are something else, a new exciting platform for distinctive Italian brands. Blocco 108 by Sconci Concept is the place to find a fresh perspective and original ideas for your projects in the Middle East.
A driven team of experienced professionals is ready to deliver unconventional design solutions that will blend clients’ requests with the finest creativity and technical skills.
Blocco 108 will provide ideas, develop design concepts and deliver turnkey, customized projects. Supplier of full FF&E, architectural and interior products. Blocco 108 aims to become the new destination for industry professionals.

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