The main feature of  SCONCI ART GALLERY  is to offer a wide range of works of art from the seventeenth century to the present days.
Modern  and  contemporary art are the main branches of the gallery. The importance of the artists is world class and much attention is paid to the quality of the exhibits.
Each work is accompanied by an expertise or a certificate of authenticity which means it is legally registered in the archive of the artist.
It will be our pleasure to satisfy special requests from new clients.




The activity of SCONCI ART GALLERY in the art world began in Rome in 1977.
In the years, collaboration with major Italian and International  galleries and Auction Houses led to our entering in the art world and has given us the opportunity to meet painters, sculptors, scholars and art critics. In the 80’s and 90’s, the reputation of SCONCI ART GALLERY had grown even more and it became an important point of reference for artists, collectors and art enthusiasts from all over the world.
After a careful analysis of the art market in the UAE and neighbouring countries, we realized that the most important commercial and cultural centre is located in Dubai.
Dubai is becoming one of the most important encounter points for enthusiasts, collectors and dealers from all over the world.
The large number of visitors, the great audience participation at the opening of the exhibitions and the importance offered by the media, give a clear signal of high interest and great potential for further success.
Relying on 38 years of experience made with the galleries we have in Italy, our plan is  to bring in the UAE the great Italian and international cultural and artistic tradition.
Our exhibitions will be devoted mainly to the great masters of modern and contemporary art and emerging artists who will often come to create their art work on site.
We will carry out exhibitions of painters of Arab culture who have studied in Italy attending Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in the 60’s and 70’s (Moudarres, Madi, El Gazzar etc.).
The same attention will also be devoted to ancient art starting from the XV century: shows, exhibitions and cultural debates and discussions will be scheduled.
Important art critics of international level are always present in our vernissage of exhibitions.
The opening of SCONCI ART GALLERY will undoubtedly give a great boost to all the local art movement.
All our activities testify the strong commitment and the passion that drives us all in seeking continuous improvements and reaching ever higher goals.
SCONCI ART GALLERY in Dubai will have an ambitious program: we will collaborate with internationally famous artists, arrange exhibitions of emerging painters and sculptors and organise collective shows with great contemporary artists, all this in the presence of the artist and his leading critic.