1977 is the year this love affair with art began. From the imperial city of Rome to the futuristic Dubai.


Once upon a time, in the heart of Rome, a visionary art enthusiast named Stefano Sconci had a dream.

He yearned to create a space where art could flourish, captivating the souls of enthusiasts and inspiring creativity in all who visited. Driven by his belief, Sconci curated a collection that celebrated the diversity and beauty of artistic expression. From awe-inspiring paintings to mesmerizing sculptures of italian and european masters from XVI to XX century, each piece carefully selected, spoke to the depths of human emotion and captivated the imagination. In 1977, Sconci Gallery was born. Year after year, its art experiences spread far and wide: It became a cultural destination, drawing art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to its doors. The gallery’s reputation for fostering meaningful connections between artists and appreciators of art flourished, creating a vibrant community.

Stefano was not alone, his son Lorenzo, who was always by his side, learning, helping and supporting him, is the one who had the vision to expand the gallery, moving it into a more international and future-driven environment.

In 2012, Lorenzo Sconci was 23 years old and during his economic university studies went to Oman for a job experience, in the way back to Italy he stopped over Dubai and was amazed by the city. Something happened in his mind and heart, he believed that Dubai was the perfect place to make Sconci Gallery grow. He realized that Dubai was becoming one of the greatest commercial, financial and cultural centre of the world. In 2014, after Lorenzo finished all his studies, his dream came to life. Sconci Gallery Dubai openend his first branch in Dubai Design District. The exhibitions were devoted mainly to the great masters of modern and contemporary art and talented emerging artists. Soon it became a point of reference for the art collectors and its community was growing day by day. But Sconci’s vision extended beyond and in 2018 he opened the second branch in the ‘Wall Street of Dubai’, the Gate Village of Dubai International Financial Center: the beating, luxurious, heart of the city. Here the walls are full of vibrant pop artworks from world-renowed and emerging artists, enriched with masterpieces from great masters of the Modern and Contemporary movements.

Today, Sconci Gallery is a premier destination for art in the Middle East and globally with half a century of experience.

It continues to push boundaries, showcasing the ever-evolving landscape of art. It remains a sanctuary for creative expression, an inspiration for aspiring artists, and a cherished destination for those seeking important and impactful art. Sconci Gallery, alongside with its team, continue to cultivate with passion, dedication and professionalism, his growing community.



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Art is the language that spark conversation no matter what culture you come from. Art challenge perspectives, unites hearts, and illuminates the human experience.

– Owner, Lorenzo Sconci


Lorenzo Sconci

Owner and General Manager

Luca Balloni

Sales Manager

Daria Ferrari

Marketing Manager

Ahlam Laguiri

Sales Assistant