Offerte Votive

Luca Battini

Luca Battini


130,5 cm x 369,5 cm

The work tells of a procession to the temple of the Goddess Minerva, where each character searches
to ingratiate the favors of the deity with a gift coming, when from a rural life, when from a military life, telling a still archaic culture with surprising theatricality.

Oil on canvas prepared by hand, which means that a rough canvas of pure linen was used. On this canvas, primer made of gypsum and natural glues was manually applied.
The used colors are very pure hand-ground pigments linked to organic mediums, according to the ancient Renaissance tradition.
For the selection of the models a real casting was made, at the end of which, the selected models posed in historical costume for some photographic shots.
Great attention was placed on the overall composition and detail, on the general chromatic harmony, in a painting that contains all the main pictorial expressions: the portrait, the still life, the landscape, the figurative composition, in a tribute that the artist wanted to make to his beloved Victorian painting.