Cristiano Carotti

Cristiano Carotti


Born in Terni, 1981. Lives and works in Rome. The research of Cristiano Carotti focuses on the power of symbols among communities. As stated in the Jungian theories, they are considered fundamental for the construction of a collective conscience. Stimulated by the works of Renè Guenon on the concept of a possible mistaken evolution of the human race, Carotti studied the mechanisms that progressively develop from an active process of acknowledgement to a passive one. The investigation is developed around the study of both secular and religious iconography and the transformations of symbols under a socio-political perspective, often completely emptied to be charged with new, self- serving meanings. Through the use of ceramic and installation, Carotti redesigns contemporary archetypes and fetishes, using personal language between anthropology and post-internet aesthetics.


Available works


Cristiano Carotti, The King 44 - tribute to Lewis Hamilton