Fabio Monizio

Fabio Monizio


Fabio Monizio was born in Naples in 1982. He has a scientific background. Obsessed by mass-media, his main fascinations are magazines’ glossy pages and their images. His experiences in the typography industry contributed to the improvement of his ability as a graphic and image maker. The study of the work by Mimmo Rotella continuously inspired his production; the influences from Micheal Anderson refined his technical skills. Monizio’s fist solo exhibition took place in Naples in 2003. After that several other shows followed all around Italy, from Milan to Portocervo.

Fabio Monizio is an illusionist, his production is an inventory of treasures taken from the mother lode of the modern view of the artist, and it takes the spectator away from his ordinary world. As every illusionist does, the artist studies the psychology of his society, in order to find scopes of practice.“ Mix” is the keyword of the contemporary age; it is hard to express oneself through classical art forms, so collage is a successful way to show the immediate present. “Mix” itself is a compromise between chaos and harmony. This is the mechanism: given two realities, one real and one constructed by the medias (in particular, by magazines), there is a third one, assembled by the artist, which combines the two others together. Upon that, Monizio’s self-evident aesthetic taste and inclination towards harmony adds to his production a slight attitude for decoration, and compose an order which cannot be misunderstood. His collages are webs in which the spectator is captured, attracted in the labyrinth of quotations taken from cinema, music and television. He currently lives, works and creates in Rome.

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Fabio Monizio, Don’t be afraid of tiger