Giuliano Giganti

Giuliano Giganti

Giuliano Giganti, born in Rome, December 9, 1952, is a complete artist with a remarkable culture. Careful scholar and connoisseur of all the expressive techniques, using with skill, easily and powerfully getting wonderful results, is one of the most important artist of Italian contemporary art and one of the exponents of the cultural movement called “Symbolism”.

He is a complete and eclectic artist. He is not only a painter but a true master of art. His sculptures in marble or metal are exposed in many squares of Rome and in some cities of Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany and are admired by all. Even his ceramics are beautiful and the students of his school try in vain to imitate the perfection of forms and colors. And what about the mosaics? Giuliano Giganti studied this technique from Sicilian mosaic masters and after learning all the secrets of this noble art he used it to perform beautiful private and public compositions in Italy and around Europe.

It is a real pleasure to spend some days in the studio of Giuliano and watch him working. We have immediately the feeling of being in front of an ingenious artist who knows all the secrets and techniques of art.

His restorations of important ancient paintings are great. The big iron door which he has donated to the National Museum of Montenegro, is wonderful and all visitors remain astonished. The big painting called “Dubai” is a masterpiece because the painter, beyond the use of a refined and at the same time incisive technique, has been able to transfer on the canvas not only his personal emotions of his first contact with this reality, but he proves that he has perfectly understood the true spirit of this city, always projected forward, constantly running towards the future to be reached and conquered.