Massimo Onnis

Massimo Onnis


Massimo Onnis is a 360 ° artist: painter, sculptor, designer, fashion designer, photographer, ceramicist, performer, installer, videomaker. Lives and works in Nuoro, Italy. Self-taught. From a very young age he approached with passion to the world of the visual arts.

He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in prestigious locations around the world such as New York, Palermo, Brescia, Dubai, Rome and he participated to several Biennale. Has deservedly received the most flattering acclaim of audiences and critics in all shows and events for the freshness and originality of his art. The trade press has repeatedly interested in his work as an artist with articles and reviews. Qualified critics have viewed and written about his works indicated as one of the best Contemporary Artists. And 'the founder of the movement "Ground Zero everything is destroyed everything is rebuilt" devoting a monograph to the events of September 11, 2001. His works now are in prestigious galleries and private collections worldwide.

Available works


Massimo Onnis, Life Underwater