Raffaele Frizzarin

Raffaele Frizzarin


Born in Rieti in 1981. He has been drawing since he was a child. In kindergarten one day a teacher asked him: "Raffaele, do you want to color or go play with your friends?" and he replied: “I want to color!”. He read Japanese manga and American comics and redrew their pictures. In art subjects he always had excellent grades. At the age of 21 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino but not having the means to continue his studies, he decided to return to his city and pursue his passion independently, while looking for a job so as not to burden about the family. He started out as a waiter, a job he did for years. He knew he wasn't in the place he wanted to be, that is, in front of a sheet or a canvas. Therefore, after resigning, he is dedicating himself with great passion and dedication to his place in the world of Art.

Available works


Raffaele Frizzarin, Girl