Valerio de Cristofaro

Valerio de Cristofaro

Born in Rome in 1978 Valerio De Cristofaro started painting very young. Already at the elementary school, the teachers realized the great artistic skills of this child who was used to easily create beautiful drawings using pencil, chalk and ink.

During the high school period he became fond of contemporary art and studied the masters of the post-war period with great interest. During this time he attended the ateliers of the most important Roman painters of the time from which he learned all the secrets of traditional painting techniques.

His interest, however, was placed above all on the artistic movement of Pop Art and on the American and British artists of the mid-50s.

He spent a lot of time experimenting with new techniques that had to be very incisive and easy to understand by everyone.

He began working at the age of 20 developing experience in the fields of computer science, publishing and television, refining his ability, obsessively continuing the exercise of drawing and painting.

The enormous passion for the world of cinema, cartoons, comics and video games mixes with an introspective sensitivity generating a visionary and nonconformist imagination that today is the prerogative of his art.

Master in the use of color draws from his inner figurative world, generating works of high visual impact that inspire strong and vibrant emotions in the observers.

His works, ranging in technique and subjects, cover a wide range of scenarios, passing fluently from pop art to fake author, from informal to the most classic illustration.

Equipped with great executive speed, his work is vast and colorful.

Magnificent are his portraits of celebrities reworked with a fresh and contemporary style.


  • 2000 – Rome – V.I.P. Room Alitalia – Leonardo Da Vinci Airport
  • 2001 – Brussels – V.I.P. Room Alitalia – Brussels Airport
  • 2003 – New York – V.I.P. Room Alitalia – J.F.K. Airport
  • 2004 – Rome – APE – Painters Association of Europe
  • 2005 – Rome – 100 Painters of Via Margutta
  • 2006 – Rome – Work in progress – Via Margutta
  • 2007 – Rome – Neo Art Gallery – “The night of the white whale”
  • 2010 – Istanbul – Contemporary Art Fair – Neo Art Gallery
  • 2012 – Rome – “I Dioscuri” Gallery – personal exhibition
  • 2014 – Milan – “Street Art in the alleys of the city”
  • 2015 – Dubai – Sconci Gallery – personal exhibition
  • 2016 – Rome -“ Segni dei Sogni ” Art Gallery  – personal exhibition
  • 2017 – Los Angeles – Sconci Gallery – L.A. contemporary art fair
  • 2018 – Dubai – Sconci Gallery – group exhibition in D.I.F.C.