Thai artist Virut Panchabuse, born in 1980, is known for his engaging and brazen pop-art portraits entirely made of collage.
He studied art at the High Art College of Bangkok and he specialized at the King Mongkut university. He always devote himself to art. In a short time his talent and determination caught the attention of many gallery owners, buyers and collectors that appreciated his efforts and he soon became a full time artist. Over the years his style has undergone a substantial evolution where his delicate brush and spatula portraits turned into flaming collage artworks.This choice explains a lot about Virut and the artist he wants to be: an exclusive artist, with a powerful voice that cannot be imitated.

His creative process begins online, where he scans through thousands of images we are bombarded with every day. His priority is not the beauty of faces, or their recognizability. Virut looks for emotions for his portraits, because truth is the ultimate goal of his artistic conception.Collage art is very different from painting, it is a question of nuances and the result depends on the availability of necessary raw material: stacks of old newspapers and magazines bought in second- hand shops. Publications are his palette of colors.Tiny scraps of colourful paper are meticulously layered, one next to the other to achieve a large size portrait, each different, each unique but all full of emotions. The original image disappears but the feeling remains. Those massive collages are hits amongst art collectors.

Virut’s pieces hang on walls of art galleries and private homes of great collectors around the world: America; China; France; India; Italy; Malaysia; Netherlands. After his first extraordinary success through awards and solo exhibitions in Asia, the artist had his first European exhibition in Amsterdam in 2017, directly followed by one in Bahrain and in Berlin in 2018, selling out in all the cities. Every year now he has solo exhibitions all around the world.

Available works


Virut, Sumo


Virut, Old Man with Flute


Virut, Red Bride